JMH Squared Consulting

We offer a range of consultancy services from short term 'reviews' to long term programme engagements

  • Strategic Reviews

Our consultants have significant experience in conducting strategic reviews of clients system architectures, and shaping roadmaps based upon business objectives and needs 

  • Programme Architecture

We have acted as Programme Architects on a number of large scale change programmes, designing target state and transition architectures, and governing the delivery design teams stage by stage to ensure successful implementation 

  •  Application selection

As a product neutral consultancy we are able to run balanced and fair product selections.  Driven by business objectives and supporting capabilities, we can work with existing (or set new) IT strategies to determine the right product set to meet the needs of our clients 

  • Business Intelligence

Having many years experience in bringing Business Intelligence into organisatons, we offer advice and guidance on both technology design and business change in this area

  • Customer Experience

We offer advice and guidance on full customer experience management from contact centres to loyalty schemes to marketing campaigns, always capability driven and always designed to meet your needs

contact: +447982 150312